Why SAP Customers Should Consider For SAP Hosting?

Why SAP Customers Should Consider For SAP Hosting?


What is Cloud Computing?

For end user, it means utilization of web based service, for emails, data storage, application vartulization, web hosting, social media etc.Because of these web services user does not find any need to install dedicated application at their site, and the only thing is the presence of internet connection to use the cloud services. Cloud computing is good source to reduce the internal IT cost of hardware, licenses, training, and man power.

Need of sap hosting in the cloud?

The SAP customers are facing lots of challenges in maintaining the SAP landscape management. Today, the customers are moving their business operations to the SAP system for production, sales, warehousing and financials.

There are lots of challenges that SAP customers faces are:

  • Requirement for disaster recovery program.
  • Complex SAP landscape management containing ABAP and J2EE stacks.
  • Reduced window for backups.

If your company is looking to achieve higher performance without adding extra cost, then using hosting services of Minosha India is best option.

Benefits of SAP hosting from Minosha India:

  • Reduce cost and accelerate the business to great extent.
  • Greater mobility and accessibility from anywhere.
  • 24x7x365 support and monitoring in Cloud services.
  • Integrated disaster recovery and backups services.
  • Maintained, managed hardware and storage.
  • Professionally managed hosting.
  • SLA based support.
  • Migrating the site to cloud easy.
  • Highly cost effective.
  • No more deal with server crashes.
  • Highly scalable technology (Load balancing, hardware and software updates etc).

Cloud in future:

  • SAP Maintenance companies like Minosha India with their highly skilled professionals to make sure that the Client’s SAP solution works effectively.
  • Cloud computing is coming for your company, very quickly.
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