Why Should You Host ERP On Cloud?

Why Should You Host ERP On Cloud?

ERP Hosting on Cloud

Every business, irrespective of its size and the industry it caters to, always looks for the probable ways to cut costs. Whether it’s hiring in-house resources instead of outsourcing or implementing state of the art infrastructure, businesses are constantly trying out new ways to improve the level of customer service. At the same time, they have to focus on maximizing the revenue to the best possible extent. Over the past few years, ERP hosting has gained popularity among the IT industry. Hosting is basically the process of deploying a software as well as a subscription model, within which a certain application is placed. While the application is delivered through the Internet, the end users get to access it through a different server or at their office premise.

Keeping the wide benefits of hosted ERP solutions, most businesses consider opting for this service. Right form technical business advantages to compelling financial margins, hosted ERP solutions offer a lot of benefits. You will be extremely beneficial by using a hosted ERP solution, especially if you are associated with a small or a medium sized business. Let’s take a look at the different benefits of hosted ERP solutions –

  • Improved ROI of the application – Since most business are following SaaS applications, they can benefit to a great extent by using hosted ERP solutions. These solutions can be kept running even during weeks, instead of months or years. This helps business owners realize the benefits of ERP solutions within a short span of time. Quite naturally, this results into quicker payback, leading to better ROI. At the same time, it also helps cut the total ownership cost, during the process of investment.
  • Reduced amount of initial investment – One of the greatest features of hosted ERP solutions is that it doesn’t need huge upfront investment, unlike the traditional ERP solutions. In a typical onsite ERP implementation, you have to follow a lot of processes like maintaining and purchasing the servers, placing them safely, and finally, configuring, maintaining and deploying the software properly. Apart from these, you also need to invest a lot of time and effort.

As compared to the conventional solution, using a hosted ERP solution is way more hassle free. You don’t need to face so much hassles for maintaining, or implementing the application or keeping it up to date. In fact, all these tasks are performed by the solution provider instead of you and therefore, you can focus on your core business areas better. This approach also eliminates the complexities that are involved in the process of integrating and installing external hardware that will support the software. You also don’t need to worry about hiring additional resources for constantly supporting the application. Due to these reasons, a hosted ERP solution is considered to be a perfect solution for small as well as medium organizations that run on tight financial budgets and restricted IT resources.

Apart from these, a hosted ERP solution also ensures decreased dependence on the internal IT employees as well as seamless upgrades. If you are planning to take your business to the next level, this is an ideal solution to opt for.

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