Cloud Hosting:-

A highly resilient cloud environment is an obvious requirement for all the organizations that belong to the IT industry as this is where they can securely store all their mission critical business applications and data. Keeping the varied requirement of enterprises in mind, Minosha offers a wide range of public, private and hybrid cloud hosting services.

It's needless to mention that cloud computing has made it way easier to run a small or medium scale business. With the exponential growth of the data that needs to be stored, the requirement of a data centre has become evident. Since most organizations are not able to afford the infrastructure and the technical expertise that is required to maintain a server, cloud hosting seems to be a boon to them. Minosha's cloud hosting service also makes it easier for the remote employees to access the important information, collaborate over the web and communicate with the other team members.

One of the best features of cloud hosting is that you can access the data anytime and from any corner of the globe. Since security is a huge concern with cloud hosting, Minosha ensures utmost security through firewalls and anti-virus software.

Advantages of Minosha's cloud hosting-


The location of a data centre determines how safe and secure all your data will be. Keeping this in mind Minosha has established both its data centres in low risk seismic zones. Moreover, none of the centres is easily accessible and each of these has been protected with proper security measures.

Minosha has established both its data centres in low risk seismic zones

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