CDN Services:-

CDN or Content Delivery Network refers to an interconnected system of cache servers which consider the geographical location as a parameter for delivering any kind of web content. In a network like this, the content exists in the form of multiple copies in servers that are strategically dispersed. A large CDN consists of thousands of servers that are located across the globe, which enables the service provider to send the similar content to more than one client computing devices. These types of networks are especially suitable for delivering streaming video, audio and internet television programming. The goal of a CDN is to provide the end users with the right content. It ensures high performance as well as high availability to all the end users.

Minosha India, which is a leading name in the industry when it comes to state of the art services like cloud and SAP HANA, has been offering CDN services since the past few years. The proprietary technology that we have been using since a considerable period of time, takes advantages of the recently developed network routing system, web server technology and advanced hardware. To put it simply, with the help of our state of the art infrastructure, we at Minosha, have developed a next-generation CDN server. We have come up with a CDN which is quite easy to set-up, quite affordable and ensures better performances as compared to the legacy content delivery networks.

Why you need to choose us?

One of the major reasons why you need to opt for Minosha’s CDN services is that our CDN software are designed intelligently. This ensures that these software can efficiently calculate the proximity of a server and based on that, deliver the content accordingly. This not only helps eliminate or at least reduce the distance that the content has to travel, but also reduce the number of hops that a data packet has to make. As a result of this, the users can enjoy optimized bandwidth, reduced packet loss and faster performance. These factors, together, minimizes vital issues like latency, jitter and time-outs. Moreover, our CDN software also helps improve the overall user experience to a great extent. Most importantly, even if there is a malfunction at a particular joint or an internet attack, content that are hosted on Minosha’s CDN server, remain accessible at least to certain users.

Minosha’s content delivery network servers basically focus on how to improve the performance of a web page delivery. There are certain software that offer support for progressive downloads. This helps optimize the delivery of digital assets like web page images. The nodes and servers of a CDN server are deployed in different locations across the world, and that too, over several internet backbones. The nodes collaborate with each other in order to satisfy the data requests of the end users. In order to optimize the performance in the best possible way, the CDNs choose the best location for serving the content. At the same time, our CDN also chooses the least expensive location for optimizing the costs. These advanced servers make use of smart technologies like server-load balancing, request routing and web caching.

Let’s take a look at how these technologies work –

At Minosha, we have built the hardware from scratch, which ensures that we have chosen each of the hardware components thoroughly. This, in turn, ensures the high quality of all the services that we offer. The proprietary software that we use, allows us to handle millions of requests with efficiency. Since we run our own network, we can easily determine the perfect location of the edge nodes. In this way, we ensure that all our visitors get to enjoy the best performance and fast page load timing.

What is special about Minosha’s CDN services?

Since there are many competitors in the market, we are always ready to ensure the best for you. Here are some vital reasons to opt for our CDN services –

No configuration required:-

Once you opt for our services, you don’t have to spend time for designating the files that are to be cached. Our technology creates the cache for you, based on the traffic. We also consider the objects that are safe to serve from the edge.