Public Cloud Hosting:-

A public cloud environment is the most standard model of cloud computing, and in this kind of an environment, the service provider makes different types of resources like storage and applications, and then make these available to the general public. A public cloud service might be available free of cost, or in a pay-per-usage model. For any small or medium enterprise, public cloud acts as a boon as this enables them to offload their data storage. This frees up the enterprises from the expensive costs of purchasing, managing and maintaining their on premise software resources and storage hardware.

The main reason why most businesses prefer to opt for a public cloud environment is that it can be deployed faster and it ensures more accessibility and scalability as compared to on premise data storages. Apart from storing the static data, a public cloud storage service can also store the live data that is generated by the applications that run on the on premise resources of a company.

Minosha offers efficient and reliable public cloud hosting solutions, along with proven expertise, improved customer services and detailed service level agreements. We closely work with our clients so that they can develop the right strategies and thus help them in cloud deployment and making the crucial decisions for their organizations. The tailor-made public cloud services that we offer help organizations meet the compliance guidelines and security measures so that they can meet the security threats.

public cloud hosting

Key features of Public cloud hosting


Developing and testing applications:-

With Minosha's comprehensive public cloud solutions, the clients can develop and carry out extensive tests on the applications. They can make use of the well-configured resources and in this way, they can also reduce the release cycles.