Disaster Recovery Plans:-

Disaster recovery is quite common a concept in the present scenario as businesses of all sizes, across the IT industry, can’t think of risking their mission critical data. Gone are the days, when you had to wake up to the horrible news of a fire accident in your office, burning your data centre and ruining the crucial business information.

Disaster recovery is probably one of the most important reasons why SMBs as well as large scale businesses opt for third party data storage solutions. Keeping this in mind, Minosha offers a wide range of disaster recovery plans. We understand that each business has its unique requirement and this is why we offer different types of plans for which businesses of different size can opt for.

In the present era, businesses have already realized that their navigation application or their e-commerce portals don’t function properly, which in turn, affects their ROI to a great extent. Moreover, they can’t afford to lose all the mission critical business data, due to a disaster like fire or earthquake. At times, businesses are also not equipped with infrastructure that is advanced enough to prevent data theft. They know it very well that disasters are not planned and probably they don’t have enough strength to cope up with a disaster. This is why they now prefer to opt for third party disaster recovery plans so that all their data remains completely safe and secure, even if there is a disaster.

Minosha is a leading name when it comes to disaster recovery and we care for our clients’ valuable data more than anything. This is why we have developed a smart solution that helps secure all the files along with important data of your company. Our end to end disaster recovery solutions ensure that all your data is safe and can be recovered with a single click.

Minosha provides you with the capability to recover all your documents, which are lost due to some reasons including hardware failure, virus attack or other types of crashes. Each of the files that are submitted in our server for disaster recovery solutions remain perfectly safe and secured.

Once you opt for our solution, you don't need to be worried about any sort of system fault. Minosha's disaster recovery services keep all your files properly secured. We also ensure that all the files remain easily accessible, no matter whenever or wherever you want to access those. We also offer a secure remote access that enables your organization IT manager to recover the necessary information only with a single click.

Minosha's business disaster recovery solutions not only help you manage all your data, but also provide you with secure and flexible storage solution. It is a kind of investment that companies have to make, in order to protect their important information. The disaster recovery plans that we offer are differently designed to fit in the varying requirements of our clients.

Different types of cloud disaster recovery options offered by Minosha

In order to cater to the varied demand of the cloud based solutions, Minosha offers different types of cloud based disaster recovery solutions. We understand that every business has its unique requirement and this can be met with customized services. Here are some of the available options of cloud based disaster recovery solutions that we offer. You can choose one based on your exact requirement –

With our advanced solutions like these, our clients don’t need to worry about the disaster recovery management. They can simply hand it over to us and rest assured of the safety and security of their mission critical data.
Apart from these two approaches, we also offer backup solutions in which the applications and data are backed up in the cloud, but remain right on the premise. In this case, even if a disaster occurs, the stored data gets restored in the on premise hardware. Thus, we ensure that the clients can use the backup files as substitutes of the off-site data. In this way, we help our clients continue the operations without any hassle.

Salient features of Minosha's disaster recovery plan:-

Reduced CapEx
DR on public, private and hybrid cloud
Incredibly low RPO and RTO
Automated recovery failover
Automated and regular DR drills
Pay-per-use DRaaS
Database replication
Customized and out of the box solutions
Stringent and distinct SLA
DNS failover
Array-based replication
Monitoring of the DR infrastructure and replication
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