Managed Database Servers:-

Managed database servers is one of the most popular components of the IT industry, in the present time. Owing to its multiple advantages, enterprises prefer to invest in these servers. Considering its increasing demand, Minosha offers robust managed database servers to its wide range of customers.

Database Manage Services

Applications Manager SQL Server monitoring software is an advanced software that helps the database administrator monitor the performance and availability of production databases. It’s an agent-less monitoring solution that provides out-of-the-box performance metrics in order to ensure smooth and efficient running of the SQL Server.

Minosha understands the need of advanced solutions that not only help minimize the work-load of the professionals, but also helps run all the business processes without any hassle. Applications Manager is such an advanced software, designed by Minosha.

How Applications Manager works?

The Applications Manager provides a web client that helps our clients visualize and manage MSSQL Server Database forms. It also offers in-depth SQL monitoring data that helps you make educated decisions about usage patterns, plan capacity. At the same time, this software notifies the users about the impending problems.

It is equipped with a Root Cause analysis window that helps the SQL Server DBA solve the performance issues quickly. Moreover, the grouping capability helps users group the databases, based on the business process supported. This also helps the operations team prioritize the alarms, as and when they are received.

SQL server monitoring has the ability to connect to the database source and monitor various system table column values, collect data, etc. It can also notify through alarms, if the database system properties are beyond a given threshold.

Some of the components that are monitored in MS SQL database are:-
Memory usage
Buffer manager statistics
Connection statistics
Cache details
Lock details
SQL statistics
Latch details
Access method details
Database details
Scheduled jobs

SQL Server monitoring capabilities

Based on the thresholds configured, notifications and alarms are generated if the SQL server or any specified database within the server is not accessible. Actions are executed automatically based on the configurations.

Performance graphs and reports are available instantly. Reports can be grouped and displayed based on availability, health and connection time. The monitors keep a close eye on the performance statistics such as memory usage, buffer manager statistics, connection statistics, cache details, SQL statistics, etc. Alarms can also be configured based on these parameters.

Out-of-the-box monitoring of MS SQL availability and performance is also offered.

Some of the components that are monitored in MySQL database are:-
Connection time
Request statistics
Connection statistics
Thread details
Table lock statistics
Key efficiency
Query hit ratio
Query cache hit rate
Replication details

Managed PostgreSQL Server

PostgreSQL is one of the most widely used object relational database management systems (ORDBMS) in the world today. Since database servers such as PostgreSQL form the core of several business organizations, any problem in the same can affect various services associated with it.

Keeping this in mind, Minosha offers advanced solutions like Applications Manager that offers comprehensive PostgreSQL monitoring capabilities. These enable the database administrators to proactively monitor the availability and performance of the business-critical PostgreSQL database servers.

At Minosha, the monitoring is done continuously, on a 24x7 basis, and this ensures any kind of deviation from the normal functioning of PostgreSQL database is brought to the DBA's notice immediately.

The web client of the Application Manager allows the users to visualize the PostgreSQL monitoring data from the database tier, alongside the application tiers.

Some of the metrics provided by Applications Manager for PostgreSQL databases include:-

Benefits of using Applications Manager for PostgreSQL Monitoring

There are countless benefits of using the Applications Manager for PostgreSQL monitoring. Here are some of the most important ones –