Managed Linux Server:-

Over the past few years, the demand of managed hosting solutions has increased to a great extent among the IT enterprises, and managed Linux server is one of the most important type of managed hosting solutions. Keeping that in mind, Minosha offers end to end support for these types of applications and tools.

Minosha is equipped with a robust applications manager that provides unique and innovative Linux Server monitoring capabilities. It helps the operations team ensure that servers are in a working condition. With the help of this application manager, the professionals can also check whether or not the servers are offering the best possible performance. This is done by monitoring the memory utilization, CPU usage, disk utilization, processes, and disk I/O stats etc.

Minosha offers an agent less monitoring solution using which the administrators can setup a robust environment and monitor the critical resources within just a few minutes. The applications manager has been designed by Minosha's expert professionals in a way so that the users can simply install it in their system and configure it using the web client. This will help them monitor the other systems or servers in their network via Telnet, SSH or SNMP.

In order to configure the application manager, the users need to specify the host name, credentials and mode of monitoring. Once this is done, the entire performance stats get stored in a MySQL database automatically, and the users can view all the data in the web client.