RPASS Backup Solution:-

For every organization, functioning in the IT industry, it’s of crucial importance to keep a detailed backup of all the crucial data. While there are several methods to keep backup of important information, the RPaaS backup solution has become quite popular among organizations.

Considering the immense popularity and utility of the RPaaS backup solution, Minosha offers advanced solutions so that organizations can focus on their core business functions without worrying about the security of their mission critical business information. At Minosha, we believe that keeping backup of important data is a crucial task for all organizations. This is why we offer a wide range of backup solutions which enable small as well as large scale organizations to opt for our services, based on their requirement.

Minosha offers a wide range of IT services including remote backup, monitoring and managed services. With Minosha's IT Services, we help our clients avoid facing the complexities of maintaining a busy office environment.

When you opt for Minosha’s RPaaS backup solutions, you don’t have to worry about the process of dealing with multiple IT vendors. This is mainly because all the elements of your IT environment including the hardware and the services are maintained by a local team of professionals. This helps us ensure maximum performance, uptime and efficiency. In this way, we allow you more time to focus on the important things, like growing your business.

Here are some of the key features of Minosha’s RPaaS backup solutions:-

Alert regarding hardware and software changes

Supports Windows, Linux, & Mac operating systems

No CAPEX on servers/ backup software and storage

No IT manpower required for installing and managing backups

All data are stored in Minosha’s data centres, in highly redundant server and storage infra

Automated and unattended agent based backups of laptops, desktops and servers

Alert regarding different issues like file change, low disk space, or high CPU and RAM

Central web-based administration of all features, including event scheduling, remote backup status and reporting

ISO compliance for Business Continuity Plan (BCP)

All user data is 128 Bit encrypted while in transit and storage

Incremental data backup ensures very small bandwidth utilization

Reduced administrator workload and backup costs

Custom reports and backup schedules

Detailed monitoring of the Windows event log

Web based UI for data restoration

User defined monitoring and instant alerts

Remote backup administration and automation eliminates on-site visits

Consolidated and easy-to-read alerts for failed cycles

Universal restore for recoveries to dissimilar hardware or virtual machines

Backup of only pre-defined file extensions (.xls, .doc, .pdf, .ppt, Jpeg etc.)

Complete control of bandwidth utilization

Pre-defined folder or entire drive backup

No long project implementation cycles

Users can go live and safe in the matter of minutes