Cloud disaster recovery solution:-

Do you run a business that belongs to the IT industry? Does it have an online presence? Do you cater to a wide number of audience, across the globe? If the answer is yes to all the above questions, you must have already opted for a range of cloud computing services. This is mainly because cloud is a smart solution to all the small and medium scale business owners for whom it's not possible to afford a private on premise server. Keeping the huge demand of cloud based solutions, which has been generated over the past few years, Minosha offers end to end cloud based disaster recovery solutions.

Protecting the crucial business data is one of the primary responsibilities of organizations in the present time, and disaster recovery, an integral aspect of cloud computing, helps rescue the crucial business data in case there is a mishap. Since cloud based solutions offer quick recovery times and multi-site availability, business owners prefer to opt for cloud based disaster recovery solutions instead of following the conventional disaster recovery methods.

What is disaster recovery?

Disaster recovery is basically a process that ensures the availability of the crucial business information, in case there is a disaster. This is an effective way to ensure the minimum downtime for resources to provide the maximum possible output.
Basically, cloud disaster recovery is done by keeping back up of the important enterprise data in a secure environment. With a disaster recovery plan in hand, organizations don't need to worry about the maintenance of the infrastructure. This, in turn, helps them cut the operational cost to a great extent. Minosha's end to end disaster recovery solutions enable small as well as medium business owners to opt for a disaster recovery plan that meets their exact business requirements.

How can it help your business?

Minosha's cloud disaster recovery is a suitable option for businesses that want to reduce the operational expenditure. We follow a utility storage model which is quite affordable for companies of all sizes.

What are the benefits of Minosha's disaster recovery solution on cloud?

There are a number of benefits of opting for Minosha's disaster recovery solution. Here are some of those –

Different types of cloud disaster recovery options offered by Minosha

In order to cater to the varied demand of the cloud based solutions, Minosha offers different types of cloud based disaster recovery solutions. We understand that every business has its unique requirement and this can be met with customized services. Here are some of the available options of cloud based disaster recovery solutions that we offer. You can choose one based on your exact requirement –

Replication to virtual machines in cloud –

This is one of the most suitable approaches for all those applications that need aggressive recovery time as well as recovery point objectives (RPO). Replication is also relevant for those applications that need awareness. In fact, we use this method of replicating data to cloud virtual machines for protecting the cloud based and the on-premises production instances. Basically, replication products are based on the process of continuous data protection or CDP.

Managed disaster recovery –

This is one of the most popular cloud based disaster recovery options which we use to put both the disaster recovery instances and primary production. We follow this approach to a great extent as it helps reap the benefits of cloud computing in the best possible way. In this way, we enable our clients to eliminate the cost of setting up an on premise infrastructure. Moreover, we design the solutions in a way so that they can pay only for what they are using.

With our advanced solutions like these, our clients don't need to worry about the disaster recovery management. They can simply hand it over to us and rest assured of the safety and security of their mission critical data.

Apart from these two approaches, we also offer backup solutions in which the applications and data are backed up in the cloud, but remain right on the premise. In this case, even if a disaster occurs, the stored data gets restored in the on premise hardware. Thus, we ensure that the clients can use the backup files as substitutes of the off-site data. In this way, we help our clients continue the operations without any hassle.