Cloud Endpoint Backup solution:-

Corporate data breaches and security attacks are quite common a factor in the IT industry. No matter whether you run a small, medium or a large enterprise, data loss or security attack is a huge threat to each and every organization. A data attack means all the sensitive information that are crucial for your business are lost. Undoubtedly, these data are critical for the success of your business. Earlier, it was thought that only large enterprises with good reputation are vulnerable to these kind of attacks. However, in the present scenario, businesses of all sizes are vulnerable to cyber criminals. While large businesses follow strict security measures to safeguard all the sensitive information, small and medium businesses often face challenges in establishing a strong security posture
Considering this, Minosha offers advanced endpoint security services to a wide number of clients.

Why opting for Minosha's endpoint security solutions is important?

At Minosha, we understand that having a high-end network security is not enough at times. The more complex a network, the more vulnerable it is to attacks at various levels. This is why we offer advanced endpoint security services to all our clients. Although most organizations are improving their network security, they tend to ignore the weakness that most crackers pounce upon: access points. We know that expanded networks with multiple user stations, servers, peripherals and access points are more vulnerable to the attacks and this is why we offer endpoint security as a network security. This helps ensure no security lapses from top to bottom of your network infrastructure.

We understand that anti-virus software and firewalls can be effective only at the ground level and the requirement keeps on changing at the advanced level. Hence, Minosha provides a host of endpoint security systems with features ranging from disk encryption to data leakage prevention software. In this way, we ensure that your network develops to be full proof from all sorts of future attacks and theft.



It is a software which is used to identify and remove the computer viruses, malware, rootkits, malicious adware, and spyware etc.