Dedicated Cloud Backup Solution:-

Server Backup Solution on Cloud

Managing the business critical data efficiently is one of the most important agendas of every business in the present time. Right from a small and a medium business to a large enterprise, each and every organization wants to keep their mission critical data completely safe and secure. However, it's not always possible for organizations to manage the huge load of data on their own. This is why they prefer to get the job done by agencies or organizations that have expertise in doing the same. Keeping this in mind, Minosha offers end to end server backup solutions on cloud. In this way, they enable their clients to focus on the core business issues.

Whether you manage a few servers, a workgroup or a multi-location enterprise network, Minosha helps you manage data seamlessly, throughout its lifecycle. Equipped with a robust infrastructure and making use of the latest technologies, Minosha's RPaaS server backup service makes it possible to restore single files from any point and any storage media, in a timely fashion.

Minosha's powerful time navigation capability offers a unique approach to data restoration which helps eliminate the backup window limitations. By opting for our services, the users can access a single file, saved at any point, in any tier of storage. They can also restore it at exceptional speed. We have integrated several advanced security techniques such as hierarchical key management, encryption, and digital signatures. This helps us provide our clients with uniquely secure backup and non-repudiated long-term archives for their data. Finally, our clients can also match the security and the storage protection to the value of their information.

Minosha's dedicated server backup solution includes a dedicated backup server that is placed for only one customer. It's a scheduled backup solution in which we configure the backup of the database and the system state of the servers, irrespective of the platform (virtual or physical).

In case of a failure of any of the servers, Minosha's database backup solution ensures that your critical business data is available for use. This, in turn, helps keep up the infra and makes it run with minimum possible revenue.

Features of Minosha’s dedicated cloud server backup solution-


With Minosha’s backup solution, you can create automated and consistent policies. With the help of just a few settings, you can also configure and customize the solutions and thus, prevent the user errors. With the help of the bandwidth settings, you can manage the network traffic and optimize the usage of the network in the best possible way. You can also monitor the storage and backups from any of the connected devices. We enable our clients to do this through a web-based dashboard.

Reasons to opt for Minosha’s services

There are several organizations that offer dedicated cloud server backup, but not all of them are equally competent. In order to stay ahead of our competitors, we keep on improving our services and try our level best to provide each of our customers with the best possible services.
Here are some compelling reasons to opt for our dedicated cloud backup solutions–