Backup monitoring and management services – RPaaS:-

RPaaS monitoring for desktops, laptops and Servers

Securing the critical business information through backup management is considered one of the most crucial responsibilities at Minosha. We understand that loss of data can impact the reputation of an organization to a great extent. Minosha offers robust backup monitoring and management services to all its clients. The monitoring plans are designed in a way so that these can meet the varied backup requirements of the clients.

At Minosha, we have a specialized team to review the current infrastructure of the client. Based on that analysis, we suggest remediation actions and provide a thorough backup management service. This includes policy and job configuration, backup monitoring, media selection, media management and annual health checks.

Minosha’s backup monitoring and management services are designed in a customizable fashion so that it can cater to the requirements of SMBs as well as large scale organizations. We value our each of our clients and hence, ensure the best possible ROI for them. Once the deal is signed with us, our clients can easily rest assured of the security of their valuable data. We offer complete reassurance of the fact that in case there is an event of data loss, the data will be retrieved following reliable recovery procedures.

The key areas of services in terms of monitoring desktop and laptops are –

Inventory/asset management

Software deployment

Hard disk optimization

Information security management

Basic monitoring services

Basic help desk services

Why should you choose Minosha’s backup monitoring and management services?

We know that the market is flooded with service providers that offer backup monitoring and management solutions. Although you might come across service providers who offer a good deal, not everyone has the expertise that Minosha has. With a team of expert and experienced professionals on board, we have been offering these services to a wide range of customers since a long period of time.

At Minosha, we treat each of our customers with equal value and hence, we are ready to walk the extra mile for them. We believe in the fact that a single solution can’t be appropriate for all the businesses, and therefore, we try to customize the plans as much as possible. We have a team of dedicated professionals whose responsibility is to keep a track of the ongoing market trends. Whenever you opt for our services, our professionals will get in touch with you, understand your exact requirements and then provide you with detailed insights on how to improve the services.

We are aware of the fact that we have many competitors and hence, we take every possible initiative to establish ourselves as a reliable service provider. Considering the varied types of customers that we cater to, we offer the backup management and monitoring solutions in a cost effective fashion. Here are some of the most compelling reasons to opt for our services –

Monitoring and routine tasks –

We provide each of our customers with 24x7x365 remote backup management operations and monitoring service. This is why you can rest assured of the fact that with us, you can get the most effective remote backup services.

Flexible service Windows –

In order to meet the requirements of a wide number of customers, we offer multiple options like 24X7, 8X5 remote backup management services. Apart from that, we also offer after-hours support for handling crucial situations.

Guaranteed reassurance –

Minosha provides you with peace of mind that all the backups are perfectly completed. In case, there are any failures, you are immediately alerted. Minosha’s backup management service enables you to minimise the operational and business impact of any kind of data loss.

Automation –

We make use of advanced proprietary tools for improving the backup management efficiency. This also helps ensure real-time reporting for each of the updates.

Administration planning –

At Minosha we believe that administration planning is an important part of the entire backup management program. This is why we focus on maintaining the standardized version of a document and SOPs.

Proactive backup management –

We ensure that each of our clients is treated with equal importance and hence, we emphasize on giving proactive focus. In this way, we ensure backup timeliness and completion of projects in a timely fashion.

Trouble shooting and permanent remediation –

We understand that remediation actions are an important component of the backup management solution. This is why we offer end to end trouble shooting services and we rely on ITIL, Six Sigma based continual improvement strategies. This enables us to provide our clients with the most accurate services.

Cost effective and efficient –

One of the most important aspects of Minosha’s backup monitoring service is that our solutions are absolutely cost effective. The services are perfectly automated and the process of monitoring is completed in an organised manner from a shared service centre within the given time span.

Specialist expertise –

Minosha has specialist expertise to support your backup infrastructure and restore important data consistently. Our backup management service frees up the clients’ internal resources so that they can freely work on other projects. Our service also includes an annual review of the entire backup infrastructure.

Change management –

Our backup management team is efficient enough to perform multiple tasks at a time. They can handle different important responsibilities like change requests, configuration management, addition, removal or decommissioning of backup client server. This ensures our clients are never left with any unsolved issues.

Process excellence –

At Minosha, we strive to improve our services consistently and continuously, and this motivates us to ensure the improvement of the processes. Over the past few years, we have been able to prove the advancement of the remote backup management processes and methodologies.