Tally hosting on cloud:-

No matter if it’s a large, small or a medium enterprise, keeping all the accounting data on remote server is undoubtedly a very crucial decision for every business. All the business owners want their mission critical data to be safe. Gone is the time when businesses had to manage the servers and the applications manually. Now, they can take a step forward by adopting the Tally on cloud that can be accessed from any device and any place, whenever needed. Minosha is a leading name when it comes to unparalleled Tally hosting solutions. We offer end to end solutions and promise to take care of your confidential accounting data.

A Brief Introduction of Tally:-

At Minosha, we understand that business transactions are not easy to handle, and this is why an integrated software solution has turned out to be a requirement for most businesses. Tally acts as a smart solution that comprises of rich features which enable necessary business controls and management processes. It helps take care of every intense application, varying from funds flow report to reconciliations, vouchers to inventory valuation, credit limits to budget and entire auditing process.

How Tally on Cloud Boosts Your Business

Tally hosting services are often referred to as a business analytic platform that combines cloud, data insight and unified decision support, along with your organization's most critical asset i.e. human intelligence.

Benefits of Cloud Tally Application

Cloud-based live financial and operational reporting (including GL, AP, AR etc.)

Dynamic directory integrated with security

Streamlined data entry to have budget data for reporting (on-demand)sfaction

Access to the transactions history over a single click

Pre-configured data warehouse for rapid implementations

Customizable modules, detailed with security

Ease in planning, budgeting, forecasting, modelling and analysing

Many more benefits are in the row that you can leverage on collaborating with Minosha.

Why Host Tally with Minosha Data Centre?

Minosha's solutions are designed with awesome features that are surprisingly light-weight, super-secured and seamlessly scalable. The Tally hosting services that we provide are professional hosting services presented with prompt customer support. Our team of dedicated and knowledgeable personnel ensures delivery of uninterrupted services with exceptional features.

Benefits in Partnering With Minosha

Reduced costs as tally licenses for individual branch will not be required

Entire data security

Data synchronization will not be required

Very minimal or no maintenance costs

Support from dexterous professionals

Excellent server performance and maximum uptime

Solutions compatible with multiple operating systems etc.

Minosha's Tally hosting solutions help transform your raw data into valuable information that can be utilized for better decision making. This not only helps improve your business, but also improves the bottom line.