Dedicated firewall:-

For businesses that look for powerful and consolidated, yet cost-effective protection for their mission critical data, it’s probably the best option to opt for a dedicated firewall. With the constantly increasing demand of a secure environment, the requirement of dedicated firewall has increased to a great extent. Keeping that in mind, Minosha offers end to end dedicated firewall solutions. With the integrated firewall solutions of Minosha, businesses can connect all or at least some of the servers to a single firewall that is capable of dealing with all sorts of threats. Minosha’s dedicated firewall solution can keep all the servers completely safe from any kind of malicious attacks, without compromising the security or protection.

Equipped with a state of the art infrastructure and the best-in-breed technology, Minosha’s dedicated firewall improves the security posture of all the data of the clients. By consolidating the different devices, we help reduce the expenditure that is incurred for using individual firewalls for protecting multiple systems.

We at Minosha, understand that every business has its own infrastructure and based on that, the requirement keeps on changing. Keeping that in mind, we offer different options so that it fits your exact requirements.

What is a managed dedicated firewall?

A dedicated firewall provides protection to a single server unlike shared firewalls which do the same for multiple servers. Hence, it’s pretty obvious that a dedicated firewall provides a higher level of security as opposed to a shared firewall.

What is the function of a managed dedicated firewall?

SA dedicated firewall from Minosha intercepts the traffic from the network, filters it perfectly and sends it back to the network. After that, it is delivered to the endpoint, without any threat.

At Minosha, the managed dedicated firewall is handled as well as monitored by an experienced and skilled IT staff. We take care of all the potential issues, so that you don’t have to worry about the security and safety of all the confidential files and data.

A firewall acts as the protective shield to your computer and safeguards all the valuable data from all possible threats that can occur either from the local network or the internet. It simply blocks all the dangerous pieces of information from reaching your system and thus ensures maximum possible security to all the sensitive information.

At Minosha, we offer two types of firewalls – hardware firewalls and software firewalls and these two work in a slightly different way. The hardware firewalls ensure protection, across the network from all kinds of external threats, while software firewalls are usually installed on individual systems. These can inspect all the data from a close view and also block the relevant programs from sending data to the Internet.

What are the advantages of using a managed dedicated firewall from Minosha?

A firewall is basically a protective shield for your computer that tries to guard your system from threats on your local network as well as the internet. There are multiple ports in your computer and each one of them is responsible for the transmission of some specific information over a network. A firewall basically seals off the ports in your computer that you do not require presently, and only allow the ports that are responsible for e-mailing, browsing etc. This helps protect your system against attacks from other sources in the internet. A dedicated server firewall can help protect your server against the following:

IP spoofing by blocking hackers who are using spoofed IP addresses to hack into your systems.

Blocking specific IP addresses or giving access privileges to specific IPs to your server.

Regulating IP addresses that have access to the database of the server.

Remote control over the server, assigning rights to specific IP addresses.

Repeated attempts to hack your passwords.

What is special about Minosha's dedicated firewall services?