Load Balancing Services:-

Load balancing is one of the most important aspects of the present IT industry as this is what enables the organizations to run their business processes smoothly. While making a website live or launching a new application, every business owner dreams of driving a lot of traffic to it. But when it actually happens, the website or the application often crashes down. And this is probably the worst thing that can ever happen to a business. This is why it’s important to balance the load well in advance so that the concerned website or the application doesn’t crash down due to a sudden rush of traffic. Keeping this in mind Minosha offers end to end load balancing services to a wide number of customers.

What is a load balancer?

A load balancer is basically a device that channelizes the entire load of traffic across a number of servers. This device acts as a reverse proxy and helps increase the reliability and capacity of applications.

What is the process of load balancing?

Load balancing is the process to distribute the amount of work that is conducted by a system. The entire load is distributed amongst a number of computer systems in order to increase the speed of the process. It is usually completed using a cluster of computer servers that may or may not be located in the same location.

There are many businesses that have realized the benefits of using load balancing devices. Companies that are offering online services and have large number of transactions to do over the internet are most benefited by using load balancing services.

The process of load balancing is managed by a dedicated program or hardware devices. Load balancing is based on two web server scheme. When one of the web servers gets overloaded, the other web server shares the work and executes the request, assigned with the service time in order to handle multiple request without causing traffic. Each process is given specific time in the server for execution, and the process cannot stay in the server once the service time is exceeded. The service time is reduced when a load balancer works actively.

How a load balancer works?

A load balancer handles all the application requests tactfully and distributes those amongst multiple servers. By doing this, it prevents any of the application servers from becoming the sole point of failure. Thus, it improves the overall responsiveness and availability of the application. For instance, when one of the application servers becomes unresponsive or unavailable, the load balancer can direct all the new requests to the other servers that are available in the pool.

Fundamentally, the domain name indicates to an IP address that is configured on the load balancer. If a load balancer is deployed within a system, the traffic that goes to the server, has to travel through the load balancer. The moment a request arrives, the load balancer selects any one of the servers to process the request.

Load balancing is undoubtedly one of the most straightforward techniques of scaling out an infrastructure as well as improving the availability of the servers. With the constantly increasing demand of the application, it’s of crucial importance to add new servers to the resource pool. If a load balancer is available, it will automatically start distributing the traffic amongst the new servers.

Quite interestingly, even if any one of the servers is removed from the pool, the performance or the availability of your website does not get interrupted, since other servers continue to work consistently. This gives you an opportunity to have some control over exactly which servers will handle the traffic. For instance, if you want to take down server ‘A’ for maintenance or upgrades, you can easily do that by manipulating the response that it sends to the load balancer, when asked about availability. In this way, you can remove it from the rotational pool. You can follow this method until the server is perfectly ready to perform the way you want it.

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