Managed Desktop Services:-

Managed Desktop services is an advanced service that allows users to outsource the responsibility of monitoring and maintenance of desktop computers and to concentrate on more business specific functions. Considering the importance of this service, Minosha offers end to end managed desktop services. With a team of expert professionals on board, we provide professional, highly technical and efficient on site as well as remote IT support, round the clock.

Over the past few years, the popularity of desktop management services has raised to a great extent. At Minosha, we follow a comprehensive approach to manage all the computers that are used in an organization. The process of desktop management refers to managing different computing devices. It’s a component of systems management and we ensure that it acts as the administrative authority of all the components of the information systems.

Key facts about managed desktop services

SA dedicated firewall from Minosha intercepts the traffic from the network, filters it perfectly and sends it back to the network. After that, it is delivered to the endpoint, without any threat.

At Minosha, the managed dedicated firewall is handled as well as monitored by an experienced and skilled IT staff. We take care of all the potential issues, so that you don’t have to worry about the security and safety of all the confidential files and data.

A firewall acts as the protective shield to your computer and safeguards all the valuable data from all possible threats that can occur either from the local network or the internet. It simply blocks all the dangerous pieces of information from reaching your system and thus ensures maximum possible security to all the sensitive information.

At Minosha, we offer two types of firewalls – hardware firewalls and software firewalls and these two work in a slightly different way. The hardware firewalls ensure protection, across the network from all kinds of external threats, while software firewalls are usually installed on individual systems. These can inspect all the data from a close view and also block the relevant programs from sending data to the Internet.

What is Desktop Management Interface (DMI)

This refers to an industry framework for keeping track of the software and hardware components and managing those. This is usually organized from a central location and the interface was created by the Desktop Management Task Force (DMTF). The main purpose of this interface is to automate system management. It’s beneficial for all such network computing environments within which multiple computers are managed.

What services you should look for from Minosha?

Keeping the varied requirements of the customers in mind, Minosha offers customizable managed desktop services. We plan and design the services in a way so that the services can meet the scalable requirements of our clients.

Whether your requirements are absolutely basic or you need a complicated environment to manage all the desktops in use, you can get a management service accordingly from us.

Why should you choose Minosha?

Key features of Minosha’s managed desktop services

24X7 service and support
Thorough software services
End to end endpoint services
Complete asset management services
Custom application support
Hardware purchase consulting
Hardware troubleshooting and diagnosis
New and replacement hardware setup and configuratio
Technical consultation for work-flow and procedures
Central File Service is provided to our clients as a free service
Desktop installation and application support including: Microsoft Office suite, Gryph Mail, McAfee Anti-Virus application
File and print services and support provided through the local network
Security services which usually refers to antivirus management, procurement services and professional
Comprehensive support for all CCS services and central infrastructure
Windows Operating System support: installation, configuration, use, trouble-shooting, patching/updating, software rebuilds, security best practices
Central File Service is provided to our clients as a free service