Software as a Service (SaaS):-

Software as a Service (SaaS) has grown extremely popular among the IT entrepreneurs over the past few years. It is an online module where businesses rent an online software instead of purchasing and installing it on their own computers. In this module, all the processing work is completed over internet and the users can access the tools and the files using a web browser.
SaaS refers to the application that is hosted by a service provider or vender and is available for customers over a networks. SaaS is related to application service provider and on demand computing software delivery models.
SaaS allows organizations to access different business functionalities at a very low cost, usually less than the cost of paying for license. Moreover, organizations don’t need to invest in any additional hardware.

Keeping the varied advantages of SaaS in mind, Minosha offers end to end SaaS hosting services in a cost effective fashion. We know that most of the companies prefer SaaS because of its low costing and ability to remove the involvement of organizations in handling the installations, setting up and maintaining. Due to its varied features and benefits, SaaS has become very popular over the past few years.

Minosha offers advanced SaaS hosting services and helps their clients manage their infrastructure efficiently. This enables them to focus on what’s more important for their business. We have a team of dedicated professionals who help customize the applications’ best-fit hybrid cloud, combining virtual servers, private cloud, high-performance public cloud and dedicated hardware.

We also offer end to end support and services so that you can migrate, architect, build and manage your environment. With us, the benefit is that your OS comes installed, and you can even get software tools for building mobile apps.

What are the benefits of opting for Minosha’s SaaS hosting service?

Minosha SaaS Hosting Technical Features and Offerings

Minosha's SaaS services are available to help you in your business growth. Some of its key features are

Easier administration to help you

Global accessibility

Licensed software

24x7 customer support

Easier collaboration for effective work processes

Automatic application updates and patch management

All users have the same version of software to ensure compatibility

We know that it’s not easy for an organization to shift the entire business model to an environment that supports SaaS. Keeping this in mind, we offer comprehensive SaaS hosting solutions so that businesses of all sizes can continue with their business ventures without any hassle. A sophisticated IT infrastructure, completely customized support and a scalable hosting environment are all that you receive when you opt for Minosha’s SaaS hosting services.

We can create a customizable hosting environment which enables you to widen your market by eliminating the learning curves and customer start-up costs. Thus, we enable our customers to maintain control over their clients.

Having a team of experienced professionals on board, we can provide the server infrastructure, the support and the guidance that is required to design SaaS solution which is perfectly scalable. This, in turn, helps the clients of our customers implement the software. They can easily do this within a short span of time at a low cost. In this way, we help our clients grow their market and enjoy a better than ever ROI.